Wall Colony Designer Ant Farms - Instructions

black ant illustration

Thank you for your purchase of your own Wall Colony ant farm. We know you, and everyone who will see it, will enjoy the fascinating and mesmerizing world of ants. Upon receiving your colony, please read and follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure when opening the package, the ant farm is intact and there is nothing broken, especially the glass. *If broken, please take pictures of the product and contact the seller ASAP.
  2. Identify the location for hanging and viewing the colony
  3. Secure, level, and hang the colony in the desired viewing location. *use the hanging hooks on the back of the colony when securing it to your wall.
  4. Once hung, remove the top. Use the included water dropper to add approximately 30 ml of tap water across the sand in the colony. The water will slowly spread throughout the sand, so wait approximately 12 hours before determining if the colony needs more water. If so, add water to the dry areas. The water should stop one inch from the bottom. *Remember the sand needs to be damp, not wet. Adding too much water will cause pooling and possibly mold. So don’t forget to add the water, then wait a few hours before determining if it needs more.
  5. Order ants. Included with your colony is a gift voucher for your first set of ants. Fill out the gift voucher, send it in (mail, fax, or email as stated on the voucher), and wait for your ants to arrive. *The ants will ship to you once the voucher company receives it.
  6. Once the ants arrive, follow the instructions on the ant packaging. *FAQ’s are also on the back of this page.
  7. Watch and wait as your ants work to create a work of art on your wall.

Thank you once again for your purchase. Enjoy!

Moving ants into your colony:

These Western Harvester ants can inflict a painful sting that may cause problems for people allergic to stinging insects. To transfer ants into your habitat without getting stung, place the tube of ants into the refrigerator (NOT the freezer) for 10 minutes. The cold will slow the ants down, which will make transferring them easier. After 10 minutes in the refrigerator, gently tap the tube so the ants fall to the bottom. Then, quickly open the tube and pour all of the ants into your colony. **If you roll a piece of paper into a funnel shape and slide it between the pieces of glass, you can pour the ants into the funnel, which will make the transfer easier.

Adding water to your colony:

Use the water dropper provided, and give your ants 1-2 droppers of water every three days, as needed. The sand should be damp at all times, so the ants can pick it up and move it, as well as keeping the tunnels from collapsing. Be careful, if you add too much water it will pool at the top or bottom. This can harm the ants and cause mold in your colony. **The water slowly spreads throughout the sand. So add a couple droppers of water and wait a few hours before determining if you need more water. Remember, the sand only needs to be damp, not wet.


The best food for your ants are tiny pieces of fresh fruits, vegetables, or crumbs. Some examples are apple, lettuce, celery, carrot, and granola. Remember to use just 1 or 2 tiny pieces every three days. If you overfeed the ants, they will bury it. This can cause mold to grow inside your colony.


Adult supervision is recommended during the transfer of ants and maintaining your colony. An ant sting can cause pain and swelling. If you are ever stung, apply ice to the area until the pain subsides. If symptoms continue, call your physician. If you know you are allergic or are hypersensitive to insect stings or bites, take extra precaution during the ant transfer and colony maintenance.

*Wall Colony is not liable for any injury caused by our product or ants.